3 Reasons Garage Door Maintenance is Recommended

It’s hard to believe, but the average garage door opens and closes 3 to 5 times per day, approximately 1,500 times per year. Obviously, you want to keep it working smoothly and safely so that there’s no damage or inconvenience to you, your family members, or your automobile.

Even if your door seems to be working properly, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to perform annual maintenance. It will cost very little to lubricate and adjust the door and head off problems before you get stuck in your garage with a door that won’t open. You never want to try to remove a lift cable and you never want to adjust or release tension on a torsion spring.

Increased Lifespan –

Annual preventive maintenance on your garage door and opener are an investment. Failing to have them maintained can shorten the life of the equipment. Problems such as misaligned tracks, faulty safety sensors, and lack of lubrication can cause long-term damage and early demise to your garage door system.

Save Money on Repair Costs –

The longer an issue with your garage door goes ignored, the more expensive it can be to fix it. Many garage door problems will slowly degrade and get worse over time. A simple inspection and adjustment now could avoid an expensive repair or replacement down the road.

Overall Convenience –

We can all admit; the garage door is uber convenient. For most families, it is the most used door and the main entry to the home. You escape the ultra-hot, cold, and rain by entering and exiting your car via the garage. Something as small as the sensor alignment will give you grief if not kept in check. If your garage door system is down due to a lack of upkeep, it could just make your next return trip from the grocery store during a storm quite the challenge. Being stranded outside and unable to access your warm home and put your vehicle away safely are just two of the major inconveniences.

Annual maintenance keeps your garage door system running smooth and efficient, and that saves you money. Schedule your fall garage door maintenance here.